1st Call Signage - The Sign Makers In Essex

1st Call Signage is a printing company based in Grays, operating throughout Essex. With over 10 years of professional sign making experience, 1st Call signage is able to cover all the various types of signs that are needed in today's business world.

We make all the signs for our customers in house and then fit them on-site at a time when it is convenient for our clients.

Our location, on the edge of West of Essex, but we operate throughout the whole of Essex, from the North in Colchester, to the East in Southend on Sea, to the heart in Chelmsford. We will come to your premises and measure up with your initial design and then work in collaboration with our in-house designers create your sign design.

Once you're happy with your sign and the layout we shall then deliver the finished sign and install it throughout your business premises.

We offer any of the following sign variations to companies based in Essex:

Directional Signs

  • Directional Signs London

    Directional signs are used by hundreds of businesses across the Essex, from commercial premises to hospitals, to golf clubs and tennis centres - Contact us today for questions about directional signs.

Fascia Signs

  • Fascia Sign - London
    Fascia Signs In Essex are predominately used by our business and commercial clients throughout the City. Our Fascia signs are available in Vinyl, Perspex, Stainless Steel, Aluminium and Flexible Face Signs - Contact us today for questions about Fascia Signs.

Illuminated Signs

  • Illuminated Signs London

    Illuminated Signs are particularly useful for premises that operate all hours in Essex.  Contact us today for questions about Illuminated Signs.

Individual Letting Signs

  • Individual Letting Signs

    Our Individual letters for signs are manufactured in house, all for bespoke requirements. If you need a bespoke lettering for your business, then Contact us today for questions about bespoke individual letter signs.

Menu Signs For Restaurants

  • Menu Case Display

    1st Call Signage create menu cases using a number of various metals such as brass, aluminium, stainless steel all to our clients specifications - Contact us today for questions about Menu Signs.

LED - Neon Signs

  • LED Signs London

    We offer a full range of colour Neon Signs which can be encased in a clear acrylic box. Our neon signs use the latest LED technology available for businesses in Essex.  Contact us today for questions about Illuminated Signs.

Plaque Signs In Offices

  • Office Plaque Signs

    Office plaques are used throughout Essex, in all company sizes, from the small to the multinational companies. Our office plaques are made from perspex or acrylic, or both materials - Contact us today for questions about office plaque signs.

Office Reception Signs

  • Office Reception sign

    For any business in Essex, we would recommend a distinctive and solid business sign displayed in your reception to announce who you are - Contact us today for questions about reception signs.

Shop Front Signs

  • Shop Front Image
    Our shop signs in Essex are manufactured in-house and are made of highly durable materials that are designed to make your business stand out in the high street -  Contact us today for questions about shop sign options.

Use Our Essex Sign Makers Today!

We are not just a general sign company, we aim to look after our customers and provide them with a sign that will help their business be noticed and recognised where ever their sign is displayed. We offer a wide range of signage options, including

All of our signs are bespoke and designed to our client's specifications.

1st call signage, have vast experience in sign making and shop sign installs, making us one of the leading signage companies across Essex.

Our Essex Sign Making Team can help you with any of the following signs:

  • shop signs (both internal and external), projecting signs, trays
  • company branding, company signs, parking signs
  • reception and office signs
  • light boxes, illuminated led signs.
  • sign manufacturer and installation
  • banner printing and sale signs.

From you very first phone call, we shall be guiding your through the whole process; from the design phase, selecting suitable material, measuring up, to manufacturing and finally installation.

Ready To Find Out More About Our Signs?

Our Essex sign making team are here to answer your questions!