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Van Wrapping

Vehicle Wrapping London can be used to advertise your business throughout London and is one of the cheapest forms of advertising.

Van Branding

Your branded business will be reflected on all of your vehicles as they travel around London and Essex.

Paint Protection

Protecting Paint on Car

Having your car wrapped will protect your underlying paintwork from scratches and dirt, prolonging the life of your car.

Graphic Design

Using our years of designing expertise we're able to plan and design your bespoke wrap for before you print it and cover your vehicle. Contact us today!

Answering Your Questions About Van Wrapping

What Is Van Wrapping?

A van that has been partially or fully wrapped is simply used to advertise the business that the van belongs to. As the driver of the van travels throughout London, from North London, to East London and to South London, or even throughout Essex the business that owns that van will have their business advertised everywhere it is driven or parked.

Van wrapping can be especially useful if you have a fleet of vehicles belonging to a business and they are driven throughout London, Essex and the home counties. The fleet vans will then provide unique direct marketing, provided, of course, if the van drivers are driving correctly and not parking illegally!

By applying a wrap to your van (or vans) you will be able to change the appearance of the van in a short period of time and this, in turn, permits you to have the wrap removed to return the van in its original condition. You will find that the vinyl that is wrapped on vans will protect the underlying paint for longer periods of time when compared to vans that have not been wrapped in vinyl.

What Is Involved When You Have Your Van or Vans Wrapped With 1st Call Signage?

Firstly, you’ll need to how large your van is (or if you have several vans then we need to know what sizes they are) that you want to wrap. For information about the costs, please visit our wrapping price guide page. Once you have an idea of the costs involved, it would be best to contact us to arrange the first phase having your van(s) wrapped.

The first phase is to get accurate measurements for the van, or vans that are going to be wrapped. Once we have those measurements, we shall then be able to move to the production phase, where the graphic design is printed and then laminated, making sure that the vinyl is then protected against abrasions and UV rays that can cause graphics to phase over time.

The third phase is when we apply the vinyl wrapping to your van in London or Essex.

There are instances whereby we have to remove the vinyl wrap because the graphics were only ever meant to be a temporary design, therefore that would be the fourth phase.

Where Will The Van Wrapping Take Place?

Once you have spoken to us and we’ve gone through the specifics of the design and time involved putting a wrap on your van or vans, we will then look to book an appointment into our Essex based workshop in Grays. Our qualified van wrapping installers will then use the latest technology to undertake the wrapping of your van.

If you’re unable to make the drive to our workshop, we can always arrange for our team of installers to visit your premises or where the vans are stored to conduct mobile van wrapping for your business.

Are There Differences Between Partial And a Full Wrap?

If you do not plan on having your entire van wrapped, leaving any original paint, exposed, then you will be having a partial wrap it is only when you have the entire van wrapped that it is considered a full wrap. However, please bear in mind that most cases the roof is not wrapped and if you want the roof of your van wrapped there will be an additional fee.

How Long Will The Wrap Stay on My Van?

If the van that you want to be wrapped has been painted using factory standard paint, then our wrapping will not cause any damage to the original paintwork.

If, however, your van has been painted using chipping paint, then the wrap could pull the chipping paint off the van when and if the vinyl wrapping is removed.

Can A Wrap Damage My The Existing Paintwork?

If the van that you want to be wrapped has been painted using factory standard paint, then our wrapping will not cause any damage to the original paintwork.

If, however, your van has been painted using chipping paint, then the wrap could pull the chipping paint off the van when and if the vinyl wrapping is removed.

Do I have to Wash My Vehicle Before The Wrap Is Installed?

In short, yes. We recommend that you have your van cleaned to be free of any dirt, dust, wax, oil, and other agents that might prevent the vinyl from sticking to the vehicle during the installation process.

We do run our own inspection of any vehicles that are going to be wrapped prior to any vinyl application and beginning the wrapping process.


How Long Will The Wrapping Take?

On average, we’re able to wrap a medium sized in a approximately 2 days.

If My Van Is Leased, Can I Wrap It?

If you’re currently renting or leasing a van, you will need to obtain written permission that you are allowed to wrap that vehicle with your leasing company. However, you will find that most lease vehicles have been painted in factory standard paint and therefore any wraps can easily be removed when the van is due back to the leasing company without any damage to the paintwork. You’ll find that the wrap has actually helped preserve the paintwork.

Can The Cost of London Van Wrapping In London Be Justified?

Absolutely! When you consider the cost of the alternative way of advertising, there is no more cost-effective method of advertising available if you’re using your van as a mobile sign. It has been proven that the cost per impression (CPI) of using your wrapped van for advertising is less than other forms of advertising, such as radio, television, billboards and the Yellow pages.

Also, remember that a wrapped van can improve the appearance of an old van, and it appears the appearance for more than the traditional painting methods such as paint and airbrushing.

Can I See Through My Windows When My Van Is Wrapped?

If you decide to cover the whole of your van, you might be tempted to have your windows also covered. When we cover windows we use graphics that are printed on perforated window film. Perforated window film has very small holes that allow the driver and passengers to see out of the windows, but when looking at the van from an external perspective as the pedestrians would they will only see the graphics.

Will I Have Any Bubbles Or Wrinkles When The Wrapping Is Completed?

When we conduct a full vehicle wrap there is likely to be occasional wrinkles or bubbles. Although there are many advanced techniques available to our professional van wrappers when they wrap a vehicle, it is almost impossible to reduce the wrapping imperfections to zero. This is due to wrinkles developing on vans that severely concave or rounded surfaces, on a perfectly square van there would be no bubbles or wrinkles.

When comparing wrapping vans to wrapping cars, we find that wrapping vans are easier as they tend to have flatter surfaces with fewer concave or rounded edges.

What Warranty Does 1st Call Signage Offer on Van Wraps?

If you see any defective panels on your wrapped van within the first year, we shall replace them with no charge. If the van is involved in an accident, then we shall be able to replace any panels, but you or your insurance company will have to pay for the cost.

We are unable to provide any warranty for wraps that are on small curved channels, wraps that have been done on plastic, rubber, silicone or on chrome areas as the vinyl material is not meant for these specific surfaces.

We believe our work is of a high quality and will, therefore, give you and your van full attention.

Van Wrapping Benefits

Do you know that by having your van wrapped in London, you will inadvertently be adding an additional protective layer that will provide benefits to the original paintwork in several ways. The wrapping on the van will help protect and preserve the underlying body paint, by keeping it away from contaminants, harsh weather conditions and also provides a protective barrier against rock and stone chips, which if left untreated can lead to rust formation.

Did you know that unprotected paintwork will also be affected by the suns UV rays, which can lead to oxidisation and fade your paintwork – guess what wrapping your van in London will do, stop the UV rays in their tracks.

Lastly, a wrapped van is protected from normal scuffs and general light scratches that occur over time. The vinyl wrap will completely eliminate this until such as the wrap being finally removed.

Considering Your Own Van Wrap In London?

Perhaps you’re not quite convinced about having your van wrapped, just yet? What if we told you that you could have a higher sale value when you come to sell your van, or only a small fee when you return your leased van because in both cases the vinyl wrap has protected the original paintwork on your van!

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